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Women in South Asia

Mariam Wardak, Social Activist, Afghanistan speaks on "Women in South Asia: Are we caught between Tradition & Modernity?' at the WION Global Summit in Dubai.

Examining State Responses to Christchurch, Pulwama and Easter Bombings

This year, the world has witnessed three major violent incidents: Christchurch Mosque Shooting in New Zealand; Easter Bombing in Sri Lanka and Pulwama suicide attack in India. Responses to each of these attacks highlight the need to revamp and relook narr

CyFy Africa 2019 | Countering Violence Extremism

Technology platforms are now the world’s public sphere. The velocity and scale of information flows have aided political freedoms as much as they have enabled malicious narratives. The algorithmic curation of content by technology platforms has only exace

Why is Taliban refusing calls for ceasefire? | Indus Special Bites | Indus News

Watch Mariam Wardak’s analysis in Indus Special with Ejaz Haider.